Fancy lifestyle, big, well-furnished houses, fancy, fast cars, these are the themes of how African stars like Aubameyang, Koffi Kingston and many more African stars spend their millions.

Being on top of your game as an athlete or sportsman has to be one of the most fulfilling occurrences ever. But these individuals also have fantasies which most of them get to fulfill when they are not competing on the big stage. From large mansions to luxurious cars to expensive gadgets amongst others. Here’s a glimpse of how some African stars spend their millions


The king of flashy lifestyle no doubt, from his regularly changing haircuts, to fast expensive cars, no one comes close to Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. He is the David Beckham of Africa when it comes to fashion and how he spends his millions, even Beckham would be jealous of Aubameyang.

The Gabonese forward  has a customised £240,000 Lamborghini Huracan, 

The former Borussia Dortmund star earns a £198,000-a-week salary at Arsenal, meaning it would only take him two weeks to pay for his new Lamborghini, and if he signs a new contract, in the region of Three hundred thousand Euros per week, one can expect the former African footballer of the year to buy yet another car for his celebrations party.

He also has a gold plated range Rover 

Aubameyang scored both goals as Arsenal won the FA Cup 2-1 against Chelsea, and he  drives one of the 499 models of Ferrari LaFerrari manufactured and is worth £1.5million.

He has also spent his millions on a £16 million home with six bed-rooms which has an indoor swimming pool, cinema room and even a in-home lift, call it heaven on Earth.


Yaya Toure has simply spent his millions on a nice variety of luxury cars which includes a £150,000 Mercedes G Class jeep, a Merc Brabus 850 worth £300,000, and a £200,000 Bentley Continental.

The four time African footballer of the year also boasts of a  £90,000 Porsche Carerra and a £250,00 Rolls Royce Wraith. He also has splashed out on another £350,000 on a Rolls Royce Phantom while not forgetting to give back to charity in Ivory Coast his country.


The Cameroon-born international, bagged 4 African players of the year awards and is the most decorated African footballer of all time. In his career, he played for several teams like Barcelona, Chelsea, Everton, and Inter Milan, amongst other teams scoring over 300 career goals.

After he left Inter Milan for Anzhi Makhachkala in 2011, he was earning £20 million a year. Right now, he has a net worth of almost £100m.

His collections of cars include a Bugatti Veyron, which costs $1.9 million, an Aston Martin v12 Zagato, which is worth $900,000, a Porsche Gemballa mirage of $780,000, and most surprisingly, an Aston Martin one-77 which costs $3.35 million of which only a limited 77 units were manufactured. He also purchased a haunted mansion in Italy worth €18 million.


Kofi Kingston is a WWE professional wrestler who was born in Kumasi, Ghana but resides in Texas USA.

The 39-year-old wrestler is the first African-born World Champion in WWE history. The 11-time tag team champion who is also an actor has a net worth of $4 million with a basic net salary of $500,000 a year.

Some of the collections of luxurious cars he has accrued for himself include the 2020 range Rover Evoque which costs about $150,000, the Ferrari f12 Berlinetta worth $270,000, an Acura NSX of $160,000, and the Toyota Sequoia.

In 2009, he acquired his luxurious house in Tampa, Florida, for a whopping $400,000. 


Nigerian Football Star, Asisat Oshoala, Gifts Parents MultiStorey Building

The Nigerian born footballer who currently plays for Barcelona women is one of the top-earning African female footballers.

She has a net worth of $1.5 million with an average basic salary of about $250,000 per year.

Although she is not known to be a luxurious spender some time ago, it was reported that she built a mansion worth billions of Naira for her mother back in Nigeria.


The 25-year-old basketball superstar was born in Yaounde, Cameroon and currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers.

His current deal is worth $148 million.

He lives in a luxurious apartment where he spends a reported $2.1 million a year on rent. As opposed to any top-earning sportsman, Embiid is one of the very few who doesn’t spend on almost anything.

It is reported that he goes to training by cab and finds his way around using a Uber. In his case, he would rather live a life of simplicity, no cars, no mansions, no gadgets.

Although he has been seen wearing some luxurious outfits which it is said he has an eye for.


The Senegalese Liverpool forward currently earns £4.75 million on his annual salary per year and has a net worth of $20 million.

He owns a Bentley Continental Supersports car valued at $325,000, and a Mercedes G wagon g63 AMG that cost $147,000. He also has an Audi RS7 that costs $120,000 and to top it all, a Mercedes AMG gle coupe which costs $200,000.

He is also known for donating to charity programs especially the ones for children. In 2016, he bought a house worth $2 million.


The Manchester United center fullback has an estimated net worth of £12 million as he currently earns about £4.5 million a year.

The Ivorian native has an eye for a luxurious lifestyle as he has a collection of cars like the Chevy Camaro SS car which is valued at $71,000, an Audi A4 which costs $50,000, a Jaguar S-Type of $56,500, and a vintage Chevy Captiva.


With a net worth of around $90 million, the Ivorian and former Chelsea striker stands tall amongst some of the richest African footballers to have played on the pitch.

Asides from his newly found interest in his country’s politics, he is also a lover of luxurious lifestyles, which includes his mansion in the United Kingdom and a fleet of cars such as a Porsche 911 turbo valued at $216,300, Audi R8 valued at $182,100 and a few Mercedes-Benz collection.


His garage features the Bentley Continental GT, which costs around N35 million. Other cars in his collection include a black Mercedes-Benz G-500, which is valued at 157,000 United States Dollars, a Land Rover Range Rover Sport, and an expensive Mercedes G-Wagon, which is valued at 95 million nairas.

Mikel Obi has also spent millions on a transport company in Nigeria which his parents manage

Mikel Obi’s Transport company has over 100 busses, bought for a little over 5 million nairas each, which has further generated hundreds of millions of Naira for the all-time great.