Q&A: Lual Gabriel “My Dream Is To Be an NBA Player Like Giannis and Lebron”

Last week Sudanese basketball prospect Lual Gabriel received an inspiring message from the reigning NBA MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

I think you are an extremely great talent. Keep working hard, always believe in your dreams.

Giannis via Instagram to Lual

Sudan has produced many of Africa’s greatest basketball talents including Manute Bol, Luol Deng, and Francisco Elson. Lual has only been playing basketball for four years and is already getting the attention of basketball greats such as Giannis.

Africans In Sports reached out to Lual to learn more about his life and basketball journey following the inspirational message from Giannis via social media.


Q1. What is life like for you in Sudan?

Sudan it’s really a nice country Sudanese people are kind and generous but for sport like basketball is so underrated I work hard so if I get a chance to travel, to prove myself outside the country.

Q2. What does your family do for money?

My father works at South Sudan National Assembly.

Q3. When did you start playing sports? How did you get into them and what was the first sport you fell in love with?

I stared playing basketball four years ago, but before that I used to play it only at school the first sport I ever fell in love with was basketball. 

Q4. When did you discover basketball?

I discovered basketball through a basketball coach. She was my sister’s teacher and she became my coach. Her name is Coach Maha from Egypt.

Q5. What were the early days of playing like?

The early days were good and full of grinding.

Q6. How do you feel when you are on the basketball court?

Basketball feels like it’s more than a game. If I want success, I need to work harder.

Q7. How does your family feel about you playing basketball?

My family is supportive. They are happy when I play basketball and motivate me to achieve my dream.

Q8. What did it mean for you to hear from the reigning NBA MVP Giannis Antetokoumpo? 

It was really an amazing feeling to hear advice from the MVP.

Q9. What piece of advice Giannis gave you, inspired you the most?

To believe in myself.

Q10. Who are your basketball idols?

I look up to Kobe, Lebron, Giannis and Jordan. 

Q11. What are your dreams when it comes to basketball?

My dream is to be an NBA player, just like Giannis and LeBron. My dream is to achieve my goals and help the poor.